St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre in the 21st century

In the world of ballet, an image of excellence is vital to the life and expansion of the company. It is a world that sets a demanding standard of fineness and superiority on all who wish to enter.

The St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre exemplifies and even surpasses this bar of excellence, with a complete cast of highly trained dancers backed by behind-the-scene workers of no less skill; costume designers, set designers, and more work together to present a production that is of the highest quality.

The troupe was started in the 1960’s by Peter Gusev, and soon gained the honoured title of “State and Academic Ballet” by the Russian state. It hosted a range of professional dancers who, along with the complete set, travelled beyond the borders of their home country to perform abroad.

In 2001, Yuri Petukhov took over as artistic director of the theatre. From there, the production took off as over the next several years the group toured Europe, Asia, the United States, and even Africa, performing much-loved classics such as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and The Sleeping Beauty. It received outstanding reviews all around.

Irina Kolesnikova stands as the star of the theatre, with her youthful grace and unmatched skill in the arts. Her talent is well-noted in the numerous awards she has received; in the year of 2002 alone, she received four different prizes and medals, including the coveted gold medal at the International Ballet Competition, hosted in Prague. Besides the actual awards, she has also received several nominations, such as a finalist for the Dance Section of the Critic`s Circle of the UK.

With superb excellence and hardworking skill, the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre holds more than 60 different ballets under its banner, both modern and classic. The skill of the dancers is matched only by that of the orchestra.

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The St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre as directed by Yuri Petukhov is often confused with another troupe by the same name, led by noted artistic director Konstantin Tachkin. However, that one was founded in 1994, though it does indeed give Petukhov a competition in excellence and artistic quality. Both have travelled extensively throughout the world to six different continents and several countries. The critical acclaim of either one of these, and of the dancers in each troupe, remains high and full of well-deserved praise.

Anna Podlesnaya is the star of the crown in Tachkin’s theatre, performing with graceful skill and excellence. She graduated in 1988 with honours from Vaganova Choreographic School in St. Petersburg, which at the time was called Leningrad. Around the turn of the century, she joined with Tachkin’s ballet troupe, where she quickly rose among the ranks to become the principal diva within juts a few short years. Just in the short time with Tachkin's ballet troupe, she has played many star roles, include Odette in Swan Lake, Phrygia in Spartacus, and Princess Florina and Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

Both Petukhov and Tachkin’s St. Petersburg Ballet Theatres continue to amaze the world with each of their unique skill and artistic genius. Both hold a standard of high quality that has defined Russian ballet since the eighteenth century.

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