My Ill-Conceived Adventure Offering Short-Term Car Insurance

I did my research, I really did, but to tell the truth I just figured it couldnít be that bad. Offering short-term car insurance, I mean. What were the odds someone who only needed a policy for a few weeks would bust the bank? Iíve been with my carrier for seven years and I havenít cost them a dime!

I should have known he was bad news the second he walked through my door. The stench of beer and cigarettes clung to him like my ex-wifeís cheap perfume. I told myself it was Monday morning, though, so maybe he hadnít been home to shower since Friday. Kind of thing that could happen to anyone, right?

He said he was looking for temporary insurance to move a car, which, if you think about it, is what everyone needs car insurance for. Donít really need to worry about insuring a car thatís just sitting there collecting rust, do you? Anyway, I took him on since I couldnít think of anything lower risk than a guy driving his car in to the shop for repairs. What were the odds Iíd find myself facing claims for fire and water damages, not to mention property and medical claims? Turns out the odds were pretty darn good. Remind me not to go to Vegas any time soon, as Lady Luck has obviously decided sheís not interested in my charms.

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Let me relay the sequence of events wherein a trip to the garage led to over two hundred grand being charged to yours truly. I donít blame you if you donít believe what youíre about to read, because I barely believe it myself.

So the client, weíll call him John in the interest of privacy, had a fight with the wife, possibly due to the whole hasnít been home to shower in three days thing. Anyway, after he picks up the car from the garage, he stops for some flowers, which he drops onto the backseat. All good, right? Sure, until he lights up a cigarette and then flicks the butt out the window once heís done smoking it. The butt gets sucked back in, lands on the flowers, which start to smolder before they go up in flames. He notices the smell and cracks open a window to clear it, the rush of oxygen feeds the flames, and suddenly the whole rear of the carís a flaming chariot of doom. John panics, loses control of the car, and next thing you know his carís blazing a trail through a golf course. After crashing into two golf carts, his old Buick careens off toward the water hazard and plunges into the water. At least that put out the fire, but now Iím on the hook for two golf carts, landscaping at the golf course, four claims of mental anguish plus one broken leg, and, of course, the Buick I was dumb enough to insure in the first place.


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